Ongoing research projects:

  1. Metal vapour lasers: processes in the gas discharge plasma and interaction between laser emission and materials (funded by the budget subsidy of BAS).

  2. Novel multi-component glass-like telluride matrixes having variable nonlinear optical properties - Project Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr T. Petrov, funded by NSF DO02-305/2008.

  3. Laser methods for diagnostics in archaeology - Project Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr M. Grozeva, funded by NSF DO 02-274/2008.

  4. High-End-Performance Solid-State-Power-Supply Copper Lasers for Fine Material Processing, Indo-Bulgarian Programme of cooperation in Science & Technology: supported by Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria by Grant BIn3/07.

  5. Standardization of laser techniques for investigation and restoration of cultural heritage, Project Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr M. Grozeva, Bulgarian-Romanian bilateral agreement: funded by NSF HTC 02-21/2010.

  6. Plasma technologies and their applications, under the Academy’s bilateral agreements – IFFM, Gdansk, PAN, Poland.

  7. Laser-induced fluorescence analysis for investigation and preservation of Cultural Heritage - Project Director: Assist. Prof. Dr P. Zahariev, funded by National Science Fund, contract DMU 03/79, 2012

Internal ISSP projects:

  1. Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for elemental analysis in liquids - Project Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr G. Malcheva, participant: V. Atanasova, 2012.

  2. Laboratory scanning setup for laser cleaning - Project Director: S. Karatodorov, PhD student, 2013.