Ognyan Sabotinov Assist. Prof. Ognyan N. Sabotinov

 ogisab (at) abv (dot) bg

 Born in January 7, 1975, Sofia, Bulgaria

Field of research interests: biofotonics, medical and industrial applications of lasers, introduction of new laser systems in industry, standardization of new products, coordination of international projects.

 Academic background:

Recieved his M.S. degree in physics (quantum electronics) from Sofia University in 1999.
Recieved his Ph.D. degree from the Central Laboratory of Optical Storage and Processing of Information, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, in 2008

Professional background:

Present Position:
  • Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Metal Vapour Lasers, Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, since 2007
  • manager, Lightsystems Ltd., since 2006
Past Experience:
  • laser physicist, Pulslight Ltd., 2000-2007 
  • laser physicist, Centro Laser, Bari, Italy , 2001-2002
  • National Research Council, Italy, 2004

Publications for the last 5 years:

  1. Огнян Съботинов, Видове лазерни апарати при третиране на капиляри и вени, Beauty woman брой 27, стр. 90-91, (2013)

  2. T. Hikov, L. Pramatarova, N. Krasteva, E. Radeva, P. Petrik, E. Agocs, E. Pecheva, R. Presker and O. Sabotinov, Study of Nanocomposite Layers Based on Polymer and Nanodiamond Particles: New Materials for Medical Implants, Bulg. J. Phys. 39 (2012) 297–308, (2012)

Foreign languages: English, Russian, Italian

Member of the Union of Bulgarian Physicists.