Viktoriya AtanasovaVictoria T. Atanassova, PhD student

vatanassova (at) issp (dot) bas (dot) bg, viki.atanassova (at) gmail (dot) com

Born in September 8, 1987, Sofia, Bulgaria

Recieved her M.S. degree in physics (quantum electronics and laser physics) from Sofia University in 2012

Title of M.S. thesis: "Restoration of Cultural Heritage monuments by using Copper Bromide metal vapour laser" (in bulgarian)


PhD student in Laboratory of Metal Vapor Lasers, Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, since 2012

Present field of research: Application of lasers for Cultural Heritage preservation

Other research interests: laser sources, laser - matter interaction, medical and industrial applications of lasers, transfer of laser technology to industry, etc.

Foreign languages: English


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Member of the Union of Bulgarian Physicists.