Stefan KaratodorovStefan I. Karatodorov, PhD student

skarat (at) issp (dot) bas (dot) bg, s.karatodorov (at) gmail (dot) com

Born in April 14, 1986, Haskovo, Bulgaria

Recieved his M.S. degree in physics (quantum electronics and laser physics) from Sofia University in 2011

Title of M.S. thesis: "Monte Carlo simulations of hollow cathode discharge for laser applications"

PhD student in Laboratory of Metal Vapor Lasers, Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, since 2012

Present field of research: Processes in laser-induced plasma

Other research interests: laser sources, laser-matter interactions, gas discharge, plasma physics, laser techniques for restoration and conservation of Cultural Heritage.

Specialization and work abroad: Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands - 2009, 2011


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  3. S. Karatodorov, V. Steflekova, V. Mihailov, D. Mihailova, J van Dijk, M. Grozeva and P. Zahariev, A novel design of a laser-ablation hollow cathode discharge for elemental analysis, Contributions of 11th Kudowa Summer School, “Towards Fusion Energy”, (2012) (OP-2), pp. 165-168, (2012)

Foreign languages: English, Dutch