Research and development of new laser systems, manipulation and control of laser beam parameters; laser beam interaction with matter; processes and coherent phenomena in low temperature gas discharge plasma, nonlinear optics.

I. Research and development of new laser source and their application:

  • Optimization of the developed at MVL laboratory pulsed visible copper bromide (CuBr) laser, aimed at longer lifetime, increased efficiency, better beam quality and higher output power continued. A patent protected method for increasing the lifetime of a powerful 40-W CuBr laser by a cold point laser tube … Read more

II. Nonlinear optics:

  •  Experimental studies of non-linear frequency conversion of the CBVL radiation by β-­BBO, KDP and DKDP crystals. It was obtained 25% conversion efficiency for the both wavelengths of CBVL.Investigations of new materials for non-linear optics have started … Read more 

III. Plasma physics:

  • Fundamental parameters of the gas discharge plasma at conditions typical of the developed high-power deep ultraviolet, visible, and mid-infrared, such as gas temperature and electron temperature have been determined … Read more